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KL thru the lenses (ii)

Posted by sonofthesun on December 30, 2009

One of my favourite photographers of panoramic views of KL is Daniel Cheong. He is a world famous photographer, and his work has even been published in National Geographic. These are some of his KL pics before he went all HDR. You can see more of his pics, and can even buy his photos, here. For now, enjoy his KL pics.

Looking like a spaceship, the KLCC mosque is a favourite subject for KL photographers.

KL at night. Nice!

The orange building is Public Bank HQ. On the left is the Kampung Baru, a collection of Malay villages smack in the middle of the city.

My favourite of the 4. Really love this pic and the feeling it gives me.

ALL these photos and many others can be bought at from Daniel himself.


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KL thru the lenses (i)

Posted by sonofthesun on December 23, 2009

Like i said before in my previous postings, there are some really well-taken photos of KL throughout the Net, only they are buried deep – you can’t even find them if you google for KL unless you are willing to open every search results page until page 70 or sumthin’ like that.

SO I want to share it with Blog4FT readers. I don’t want to win with all these other people’s pictures, but since they don’t send their entries to B4FT, I’ll do it for them in the spirit of sharing.

KL by ariff budiman

KL by ceq we

KL by m zakir

KL by yamanz

Thank you. I hope my efforts have promoted these photographers to the whole world. Unfortunately I saved these images a long time ago and I’ve lost the url to these photographers’ sites.

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FT Mosque travelogue (3): Masjid India

Posted by sonofthesun on December 7, 2009

My travelogue wouldn’t have any credibility if I don’t include what is claimed to be the oldest surviving mosque in Kuala Lumpur. This is none other than Masjid India, situated at Jalan Masjid India.

Apparently it was built in 1863 when the place was still known as Kampung Rawa.

I have to admit that I’ve only been inside the mosque once or maybe twice. But I’ve performed Friday prayers there plenty of time, though never seeing the inside of the mosque. On Friday, you can see a strange sight, where people just pray wherever they can around the vicinity. I have friends at the nearby Selangor mansion, and during Friday prayer’s time, what they did was just take the lift downstairs, spread the prayer mat in front of the lift (no kidding!) and pray there, in the middle of shoppers and all! Looking back, I really don’t know whether all those solat counted.

Anyway, the Masjid India is to me personally a beautiful little mosque (little when compared to other major KL mosques). Unfortunately, when the authority build the ugly structure that act as the roof of the hawkers’ stall, they manage to completely spoil the view.

Here are the best 2 images of the mosque from the net – I can’t find 3 good ones. As usual, sources are mentioned.

Image 1

The maroon facade is actually a new look. It was added on in 2002. Notice the ugly protruding roof of the street bazaar.

Image 2

Congregation waiting for prayer time in front of Masjid India

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FT Mosque travelogue (2): Masjid Negara

Posted by sonofthesun on December 7, 2009

Salam all. For my second series of the best pictures of Federal Territories’ mosques, I decided on Masjid Negara, the National Mosque.

Masjid Negara was built during the tenure of the first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman. The unique thing for me about this particular mosque is that its design are completely different from the normal large mosque in Malaysia. There is none of the familiar large round dome(s). In its place is a half-open umbrella like dome. I personally don’t like it, but it’s unique. To each his own I suppose.

Unlike the previous Masjid (mosque) in my Mosque travelogue, I don’t go to Masjid Negara too often. But I love to sit on the stairs fronting the water fountain after the completion of Maghrib prayers, lost in calmness and my own thoughts. You should try it too sometimes.

As for the three best pictures on the Net, surprisingly it’s much more difficult to find good ones – unlike with Masjid Wilayah. My favourites are the HDR pics by baincardin,, but since his pictures are already shared with Blog4FT readers, then I suppose it’s not proper for me to use them. You can click the link.

The following are my three other favourite ones from the web – sources and links included. Like i said previously, I don’t want to steal their photos, I just want to share them with Blog4FT readers. Enjoy!

Image 1:
Source: Wikipedia

Image 2
Source: aleks.herzog Flickr pic at

This is my favourite time to be at the mosque, during Maghrib, the compulsory praying time at dusk.

Image 3
Source: bensonkua Flickr at

The National Mosque has a sprawling courtyard, with a really 1970's feel to it.

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FT Mosque travelogue (1): Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan

Posted by sonofthesun on December 6, 2009

Salam all. One of my favourite KL mosque is no doubt the Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, situated on top of a hill just off Jalan Duta, near the Jalan Duta Court Complex.

Here I publish 3 of the best images of the mosque I find on the net. All the sources are mentioned and linked. It is not my intention to setal anyone’s photograph or artwork, just that I feel these excellent images should be shared by more people especially Blog4FT readers.

Image 1:

Masjid Wilayah HDR by DELLipo™ / © All rights reserved

Image 2:

From the front entrance, visitors will take a fligh of stairs before encountering this grand view, the Open Square before entering the main parayer hall

Image 3:

The mosque is surrounded by a lake, or a moat, if you like. It is well kept and keeps the mosque cool.

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New Taman for KL folks Ampang side!

Posted by sonofthesun on November 17, 2009

For the past two years there have been this construction site walled up near the MRR2, at the Tasik where people used to fish and stuff. But after having moved from Ampang, I passed there recently and to my surprise, the ugly walled up development is now a beautiful park!

(picture taken from Minister’s Facebook)

I’ve always thought the place was in Selangor as it is in Ampang, but apparently it is the KL side of Ampang.

It is officially called TAMAN Tasik Ampang Hilir in Kuala Lumpur, a public park with various amenities to benefit the residents of Ampang.

The park is equipped with 120 parking bays and a jogging track. It also has a multipurpose hall, three badminton courts and other amenities such as toilets, changing room and a surau. The hall can accommodate 500 people at any one time.

So there you go. A new place in Ampang for recreation. Kudos to everyone who made the park a reality.

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Great show!

Posted by sonofthesun on November 17, 2009

It’s been some time since I went to a proper black tie show. Too long, in fact. So it was with great pleasure that on Sunday I went to see the Unforgettable: Royal Charity Concert at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’s Plenary Hall to celebrate the 64th birthday of the Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, and to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM). Somehow my wife and I manage to leave the baby at my in-laws, so off we go.

The concert started with orchestral music by the KL International Festival Orchestra. Unfortunately I don’t know my classical music except for the famous ones like Bolero or Four Seasons. But I did recognize excerpts from Phantom of the Opera, and they had Jessica Lee as guest violinists. Damn she good!

They also had Sean Ghazi and another lady singing. Sean Ghazi has pretty strong voice, although his style is not to my liking so much. I’m not old you know. Anyway it was a great night, a good relaxing evening with the wife and something different from the normal KL night out. Cool!

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I’m pissed off with these idiots!

Posted by sonofthesun on November 15, 2007

I’m a regular follower of the Malaysian astronauts’ blog. I like space, and I support the program in general, so I do follow what the two candidates have to say. Their blog is interesting, so no complaint there.

But what pisses me off big time going there is the comments. “Oooh Sheikh u so cute…”, “Ooo, we pray to God Sheikh will get selected because he’s so handsome and so charming” etc.

Ei bodoh! This is not about who’s more handsome, who’s cuter and what not. This is the typical mentality of stupid Malaysian women! Especially Malay women. I bet a lot of these women are ugly, fat cunts who nobody fancies anyway. And even if they are married, I bet their husbands are just typical stupid looking Malay dudes who couldn’t find anyone pretty to marry. A case of “as long as I get to fuck a cunt everynight then kira bolehla”. And I bet these are the same ugly malays who try to tackle other women, pay gro’s and prozzies for sex, and when they get loads of money from being corrupt, get a perempuan simpanan.

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Posted by sonofthesun on September 5, 2007

Derby was Voronated!

Voronin for top scorer i tell ya !


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Tune Money CEO a Liverpool Supporter! YNWA

Posted by sonofthesun on August 30, 2007

Just checking the links from my favourite Msian forum, when I came across this dude who is a liverpool fan as well. He’s the Tune Money CEO, so let’s hope that they will bring Liverpool to Msia soon. After all KJ is a ManYoo supporter and he managed to get the PM to support the effort to bring ManYoo to Msia. So here’s for watching Torres et al. at Bukit Jalil!

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