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My new favourite site

Posted by sonofthesun on June 12, 2007

I don’t know how many Malaysians really are following the adventures of two of our boys at the Yuri Gagarin Training Centre in Star City, Moscow, but I’m certainly one of them. After disappearing for some time, their blog has made a return at    — they even have a new home at, which although doesn’t look as slick as the previous website, certainly are much more user friendly. The old one is a flash website and downloading it was a nightmare, plus you can’t really read stuff because the fonts and text space were too small. This one is a much better and simpler html website, with web 2.0 style large size 12 verdana fonts, and clean design. Wish they change the banner though.

Latest news is that they’ll be spinning gasing in the International Space Station. I don’t know what scientific purpose that serves, but I really wish the powers-that-be think about the implications of some of their more stupid statements and plan. The Malaysian National Space Agency, Angkasa, better comes up with the scientific experiments planned pretty soon. They don’t want to embarass the Minister or the Programme, and really should stop embarassing themselves.

On the other hand, I have nothing but support for our two lads in Russia. From what they are telling us, they are doing well and keeping up the country’s good name in Russia. Good for them!


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