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I’m pissed off with these idiots!

Posted by sonofthesun on November 15, 2007

I’m a regular follower of the Malaysian astronauts’ blog. I like space, and I support the program in general, so I do follow what the two candidates have to say. Their blog is interesting, so no complaint there.

But what pisses me off big time going there is the comments. “Oooh Sheikh u so cute…”, “Ooo, we pray to God Sheikh will get selected because he’s so handsome and so charming” etc.

Ei bodoh! This is not about who’s more handsome, who’s cuter and what not. This is the typical mentality of stupid Malaysian women! Especially Malay women. I bet a lot of these women are ugly, fat cunts who nobody fancies anyway. And even if they are married, I bet their husbands are just typical stupid looking Malay dudes who couldn’t find anyone pretty to marry. A case of “as long as I get to fuck a cunt everynight then kira bolehla”. And I bet these are the same ugly malays who try to tackle other women, pay gro’s and prozzies for sex, and when they get loads of money from being corrupt, get a perempuan simpanan.


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