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FT Mosque travelogue (2): Masjid Negara

Posted by sonofthesun on December 7, 2009

Salam all. For my second series of the best pictures of Federal Territories’ mosques, I decided on Masjid Negara, the National Mosque.

Masjid Negara was built during the tenure of the first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman. The unique thing for me about this particular mosque is that its design are completely different from the normal large mosque in Malaysia. There is none of the familiar large round dome(s). In its place is a half-open umbrella like dome. I personally don’t like it, but it’s unique. To each his own I suppose.

Unlike the previous Masjid (mosque) in my Mosque travelogue, I don’t go to Masjid Negara too often. But I love to sit on the stairs fronting the water fountain after the completion of Maghrib prayers, lost in calmness and my own thoughts. You should try it too sometimes.

As for the three best pictures on the Net, surprisingly it’s much more difficult to find good ones – unlike with Masjid Wilayah. My favourites are the HDR pics by baincardin,, but since his pictures are already shared with Blog4FT readers, then I suppose it’s not proper for me to use them. You can click the link.

The following are my three other favourite ones from the web – sources and links included. Like i said previously, I don’t want to steal their photos, I just want to share them with Blog4FT readers. Enjoy!

Image 1:
Source: Wikipedia

Image 2
Source: aleks.herzog Flickr pic at

This is my favourite time to be at the mosque, during Maghrib, the compulsory praying time at dusk.

Image 3
Source: bensonkua Flickr at

The National Mosque has a sprawling courtyard, with a really 1970's feel to it.


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  1. mosquee said

    merci, c’est intéréssant

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